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Introducing Trigonometry

Algebra is already pretty abstract, but the whys and hows of trigonometry made about as much sense to the students as the plot of Interstellar. Continue reading

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Why I’m already discouraged for my Dutch math classes

I feel like I have to teach in a manner that’s directly counter to what I think good teaching is. Any advice? Continue reading

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Visual Patterns

We’re doing a unit on formulae in MYP4 Math Extended now, and the textbook has a section on formulae by induction, which is full of really challenging problems but I thought it’d be more fun to start with Fawn Nguyen‘s … Continue reading

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Constructing Meaning: Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

I used to think that the best thing I had to offer as a teacher was really good, clear explanations. I prided myself on my board work.┬áMy student feedback forms always said I made everything really easy to understand, so … Continue reading

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