Why I Blog

Dan Meyer asked the participants of the Twitter Math Camp 2014 why they blog. I wasn’t at TMC14, but I decided I wanted to answer that question too.

I started blogging this year in earnest mostly encouraged by my interactions with Andrew Shauver on his blog. I had been reading blogs and generally lurking in the Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere, but I felt compelled to comment on a few of his posts, and he replied extremely kindly and made me feel like I had something to contribute to this grand conversation. So I started to blog.

Some reasons I blog are:

  • To give back to the people who have inspired me and to celebrate how their ideas took hold in my classroom.
  • To think through my own process in a reflective manner by celebrating my successes and trying to overcome my failures.
  • To try to inspire myself to continue to grow as an educator, to keep learning and being excited about what I do and am trying to achieve.
  • But truly the biggest reason is in a desperate attempt to find another teacher teaching MYP Mathematics with whom I can brainstorm about Global Contexts, Key Concepts, Related Concepts, Inquiry, the various criteria, etc etc. I feel like if maybe I keep putting how I deal with these things into the ether, some sort of karma or something will help me find someone teaching what I teach.

    The thing is: Common Core is not something I deal with, nor is the sequence of Algebra I – Geometry – Algebra II/Trigonometry – Pre-Calculus – Calculus. The MTBoS is amazing and I take so much from these folks, but a majority of the bloggers seem to be dealing with the realities of US ed policies, whereas I have a whole different set of complications. I want to be an active contributing member of the MTBoS, but I also want a community that is dealing with my same set of complications.

    I’ve thus far been to two almost crushingly disappointing professional development workshops of International Baccalaureate teachers in which there was little to no time to brainstorm together, to discuss ideas and challenges. But most of all, there was zero follow through. One PD set up a wiki that I was, quite literally, the only person to ever edit. Another promised to send us all an email with the resources we’d discussed so that we could all have each other’s contact information…that email never came.

    So I blog to create my own PD, to really find a community of both international and non-international math teachers. I just have to keep putting the words out there until it materializes.


    About katenerdypoo

    Middle Years and Upper Grades math teacher in the Netherlands teaching both within the Dutch national curriculum and the IB MYP and DP.
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    2 Responses to Why I Blog

    1. Andrew says:

      “To give back to the people who have inspired me and to celebrate how their ideas took hold in my classroom.” Good line.
      I, for one, am quite glad that you have decided to contribute. You have shown yourself to have much to offer.

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